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12 Simple Drink Recipes For Your New Year's Eve

The Christmas season may be wrapping up, but the celebration hasn’t officially ended. With the countdown for 2014 just over yonder, the hustle and bustle of party prepping can get pretty stressful. To save you from time and worry, we’ve rounded up the perfect recipes from top mixologists for your party or pre-dinner drinks.

The ‘La Trinité’ — a dark and funky concoction of rhum, Cocchi di Torino, Campari, chocolate bitters and lime peel — would perfectly sate Don Draper for occasions grander than a boozy business drink. “Negronis and rum old fashioneds are my kryptonite, particularly because I often make the mistake of ordering a couple before eating dinner,” says Leslie Pariseau, Deputy Editor at PUNCH magazine. She recommends having a burrito or a burger first to anchor one’s barstool composure.

AltaMarea‘s sommelier Victoria James has created two ginger-laced twists to remedy the seasonal cold snaps. The ‘Fireplace Sipper,’ made with rye-infused coriander, lemon, ginger, sherry, fig preserves and brown sugar, embodies a spectacular richness without being too sweet. “The high acidity in the dry sherry cleans the palate and leaves you with a nutty finish,” says James.

Her ‘Immuni-Tea’ concoction, made with run, anise, ginger, lemon/orange peels and allspice mixed with rum, bourbon and orange juice, is fitting for anyone feeling under the weather. Both drinks combine flavors that are toasty and spicy, perfect as festive apéritifs.

Rob Easter of Workhorse Rye was inspired by his love for old world wines when he created a concoction of rye whiskey , two vermouths: dry and sweet, mescal (the smoke source!) and bitters. Easter uses whiskey aged in wine barrels, but says that any Scotch or rye – as long as it’s not overly oaky – will do. This drink is so spirituous and spicy, it might change your life.

The ‘Autumn Fizz’ is befitting for all the hard cider junkies, which has recently become a hot little thing. Originally made with Downeast Cider’s Original Blend, the drink combines cinnamon syrup, dark rum, fresh lemon juice and hard cider dusted with allspice. The cider’s snappy effervescence blends nicely with the rum’s richness and fall spices, creating a taste that is both refreshing and cozy.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the ‘Manhattan Cocktail.’ A popular myth suggests that the perennial classic was created in the early 1870s for a banquet held by Jennie Jerome (Winston Churchill’s mother) at New York’s Manhattan Club. Even with its innumerable variations, the ingredients are easy to attain and preparation is a breeze. Steve Schneider, a bartender in New York City’s speakeasy-themed bar, Employees Only, uses Rittenhouse Rye stirred with sweet vermouth and Grand Marnier, tasted with dashes of Angostura bitters. “It’s got enough alcohol for a kick, but the vermouth-base allows you to have several of these and not feel like you’ve been partying all night,” he says.

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