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3Sixteen at Self Edge (celebrating Market Week)

What a week! Monday we are doing a party at HW Carter & Sons and Tuesday we've got one at Self Edge at 157 Orchard St in the Lower East Side. For me, that is a top notch week and I am so stoked to work with all of them. 3Sixteen is helmed by two obsessed and knowledgeable gentlemen that have established themselves as a brand that at ten years strong, is going nowhere but full steam ahead. Integrity is their policy that is showcased in their business ethic and the manner in which they source fabric and make jeans. I sought them out after acquiring a pair of 3sixteen jeans, I knew that this was the type of company I wanted to work with. Like many quality focused brands in the US, they manufacture jeans in the US but source and develop their own selvage denim from Japan. After thinking about that for a minute, it hit me... We need to make Old Fashioned Cocktails out of American and Japanese whiskey! Its the exact combo that the brands runs on, so let's embody that while we relax and welcome people into Self Edge's New York location. So the final recipe involves mostly Nikka 12 and a bit of Rittenhouse Rye with organic raw sugar, grapefruit peels, and Hella Bitter, naturally.



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