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Rising Sun Jeans at HW Carter & Sons in Williamsburg

Once again, we managed to get hired by people in the US-made industry who we really respect. Rising Sun Jean Company from Pasadena, California are truly (re)pioneering what top quality American made clothing should be (read: was). By that I mean, they use the best of old and new methods to come up with products that are as strikingly beautiful as they are rugged; just like they USED to be made. Staged in their pals' heritage mens wear kingdom HW Carter & Sons in Williamsburg right off the L, this east coast hosting west coast party will be representative of their brand. Rising Sun's branding has a slightly steampunk mentality about it, which combines both machine and nature. Jeans are a result of machines manipulating an agricultural product. To me that's easy, one drink representing machine and one representing nature. The machine cocktail will be a classic nitty gritty whiskey drink, while the natural will be refreshing and shaken with Owney's Rum (made in Brooklyn) and Tiny Empire fresh cold pressed juice. Imagine a motorcycle surrounded by flowers and trees. That is what you will be walking into and drinking. You will be drinking motorcycles and flowers. Join us Monday, July 22nd at 127 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg at 7 o'clock. Open to the public.

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