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We love sipping our whiskey neat, but have no fear of mixing with them too. This lack of fear might come from being bartenders ourselves, along with the realization that whiskey is already a mixed beverage of grain, water, yeast, barrel, and time. It is not sacrilege to mix with a quality spirit AS LONG AS the mixer is of the same caliber.

We recommend your home bar be stocked with a mixing glass, a cocktail shaker, bitters, simple syrup, a stir spoon, and whatever glassware you most gravitate towards but a few coupes and a few rocks glass will serve you well. 

For bar tools, we recommend Umami Mart in San Francisco & Oakland, Cocktail Kingdom in New York, The Mixing Glass in Costa Mesa, and Bar Keeper in LA. All have wonderful and unique physical shops, as well as an online presence.

We've found that Palehorse is great in refreshing shaken cocktails, meaning those drinks made with some sort of fresh juice or heavy mixer, like a Whiskey Sour or Daiquiri. It also passes with flying colors in stirred drinks like a classic Sazerac.

Redhorse doesn't taste dissimilar to how it looks: regal, crisp, and elegant. You will tragically regret shaking this whiskey in a cocktail. Instead it is best to explore Redhorse in stirred drinks without juice or aeration.


Pale Daiquiri

You'll discover that Palehorse has a nice apple fragrance that is well substituted in drinks calling for Rhum Agricole, a fresh sugar cane distillate with funky fruit flavors. So for example, a Daiquiri is quite refreshing with Palehorse...

2 oz. Palehorse Rye Whiskey

3/4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 oz. Raw/Turbinado Simple Syrup.

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, or in a pinch, use a mason jar. Shake with lots of ice (this cocktail benefits from violent but intentional shaking and aerating) and strain into a coup glass. Put a lime wheel on top if you want to be proper fancy.

NOTE: If you haven't had a proper Daiquiri before (Strawberry Daiquiri's don't count) then please, do yourself a service and go get one from your local top notch cocktail bar! Our favorite joints to drink a Daiquiri are Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, Bar Agricole in San Francisco, and The Lion's Share in San Diego.


Dry Manhattan

This is one is a house favorite. Crowd pleaser every time. When going to a party, it is easy to pre-batch this drink and then just pour it over ice for your friends at will. Almost every time you go to a tasting event where we are pouring, you taste one of these. To achieve the exact flavor you get from us, the specific ingredients are more important than the exact ratio. You simply won't get the same taste with any old rye, any old dry vermouth, or any old bitters. 

1.5 ounce Palehorse Rye Whiskey

1 ounce Sutton Cellars (dry) Vermouth

One to two sleeves of Passionflower Bitters

If you want to do it proper, place all the ingredients in a mixing glass


Mexican Wedding Cocktail as featured on Forbes

It doesn't hurt to get weird sometimes. If you believe in that, try this next cocktail which was designed and named by us for a close friend's wedding. The wedding was based on the union of not only their two families as individuals but also the melding of their two cultures: Mexican and "American" (whatever that means). How we decided to represent that was simple, a cocktail showcasing the union of a Mexican spirit and an American spirit. 

Plus, both families shared a love for old world wines so Vermouth had to be involved. EASY AND DELICIOUS! This cocktail is crazy tasty and has become a favorite since that day. 

 1 oz. Redhorse Rye Whiskey (the American part of course) 

1 oz. Mezcal (we are fans of Fidencio and Ilegal mezcal but there are so many beautiful options) 

3/4 oz. Sutton Cellars "Brown Label" Dry Vermouth

1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth 

One sleeve of Salted Cacao Bitters

Just like the Nail Horse, let's keep it simple and just throw all the stuff in a glass and put some good ice over it, call it a day. If you eat a Mexican Wedding Cookie alongside the drink you won't be regret it.


Manhattan with Redhorse

In a Manhattan cocktail the key ingredient besides rye is Sweet Vermouth. Seeing as how the key ingredient in any Vermouth is wine, you'll make the obvious connection between using a wine barrel aged rye in a vermouth based cocktail. Match made in heaven really, good thing that was so easy. How about trying this no brainer, and this time we won't even give it some presumptuous silly name.

2 oz. Redhorse Rye Whiskey

1 oz. Sweet Vermouth (Alessio, Matthiasson, or Uncouth Vermouth will do the trick splendidly)

Hefty dashes of our Aromatic Coffee Bitters.

All ingredients in a stir glass. Add ice (AFTER you add ingredients, come on, let's not ruin it please, this was supposed to be a good time after all) and stir for a good half a minute or a full standard-issue minute. If you put large cubes in, stir longer. If you put smaller cubes in, stir less. But, you already get the science behind that, sorry to bring it up. 



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