Workhorse Rye - 'The Balancer's Rye' (375 mL)


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A collaborative effort, made from scratch and bottled up by California cosmic rock outfit Lord Huron and California heirloom grain distillers Workhorse Rye

About the Cocktail: Inspired by ingenuitive elixirs ancient and new; conjured with quality botanicals from near and far… The Balancer’s Rye is a spicy and elegant rye whiskey cocktail in the style of the great Sazerac, expressed through the rose tinted lenses of modern west coast culture.

A Note From The Distiller: “This delicious cocktail is built from the ground up: rare grains grown sustainably and copper-pot distilled, aged with whole botanicals, finished with a dash of honey and wine. Miguel and Tom called me when they were on tour in New Orleans, they were drinking Sazeracs and loving the feeling. They asked if I was a fan of wormwood and absinthe, to which I of course screamed, ‘YEESSS LET’S DO THIS!’

We used the Sazerac as a baseline to approach this drink, but we took it in a more kaleidoscopic and botanical-forward direction to suit the vibe of the band. I distilled the whiskey from sustainably grown California rye and Oaxaca red corn, aged it spirit in a red wine cask from Broc Cellars and from there transformed it into a balanced but wild cocktail. I love these super sweet guys and I love their powerful music; this is dreamy!

FORMAT: 375 mL flask

HOW TO DRINK: At 30% ABV this drink is designed to be either a stiff sip out of the flask or to be opened up over a big ice cube.


Whiskey: California grown rye (Grass Valley) and Oaxaca grown red corn (Masienda)

Botanicals: Wormwood, Oaxacan hibiscus, citrus, yerba santa, cardamom, holy basil, cacao from Dandelion Chocolate

Finished: Dash of raw honey and Broc Cellars Carignan


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