Whiskeys & bitters made and aged entirely in California since 2011

Workhorse Rye since 2011

We make elegant whiskeys and interesting bitters. Every grain and every botanical is sourced with bleeding heart diligence. Organic and/or Fair Trade are rarely definitive guides of sustainability, quality, and ethical employment in this industrial world. Therefore, finding sound growers of true transparent quality is quite the task.

We make them ourselves, every step. We don't buy GMO, government subsidized neutral grain spirit (NGS) from pharmaceutical companies and we don't buy booze made at factory distilleries to call our own, not even for our bitters.

Aging these distinct and delicate whiskeys in used/seasoned whiskey (American oak) or wine (French oak) barrels creates more nuanced and analog flavors that let the spirit sing loudest, rather than the oak taking over.

The vast majority of spirits made in America are aged in new charred American Oak casks, but almost every other spirit producer in the world -- some of our favorites being Mexico, Scotland, France, and Japan -- prefers conditioned barrels. So do we.

We've been doing this in and around San Francisco since 2011, although we aged our first whiskey release for three years, so you've seen us on the market since Halloween night of 2014.

To work with us, to reserve whiskey, and/or request line sheets for wholesale bar or shop purchases, please reach out to us via...