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Flowers & Cacao Bitters - Barrel Aged One Year


Flowers & Cacao Bitters - Barrel Aged One Year


We love the fresh and blooming spring... thus we decided to bottle our most nostalgic vision of it. Could there be a better gift than a bar of chocolate and a bouquet? Nay.

Aromatic flowers of many kinds, bitter roots, and directly sourced cacao by Dandelion Chocolate are center stage in these versatile barrel aged bitters. Made and barreled last spring, bottled this spring.

Photo by Daniel Dent.

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One day last spring our friend and collaborator Maverick Watson of Dandelion Chocolate came to the distillery. As usual, we started making something. We put cacao, roses and other fresh flowers, bitter roots, and spirit in a freshly emptied whiskey barrel. Well, that juice grew up and we decided to bottle it for you this spring.

We hope you enjoy them in simple spirit-forward drinks -- Old Fashioned, etc -- as well as dropped on top of lighter and brighter shaken cocktails like the Pisco or Whiskey Sour.

Photo by Daniel Dent

Photo by Daniel Dent


Spirit we distilled:

  • Rye - same recipe as our whiskey - 70% west coast rye, 20% barley malt, 10% wheat malt

  • IPA spirit - distilled Magnolia Brewing’s “Proving Ground IPA” - the main spirit component in our India Pear Bitters

Sweetness and texture:

  • Cacao direct sourced in Ambanja, Madagascar and roasted in San Francisco by Dandelion Chocolate

  • D'anjou pears grown by Mt. Hood Organic Farms (certified organic and biodynamic) in volcanic soil on the north slope of the glorious mountain

  • Piran Sel Gris the legendary high mineral content, denomination of origin protected sea salt from Slovenia, sourced by Bitterman Salt Co


  • pink & red roses

  • damiana

  • rose geranium

  • lavender

  • creosote blossom

  • hibiscus

  • vanilla orchid

  • jasmine

  • clove flower

  • chamomile

Bittering agents:

  • gentian root

  • marshmallow root

  • quassia bark

  • roasted cacao husk


  • Pisco or Whiskey Sour - put one sleeve into shaker with all ingredients, then adorn the top of the cocktail with a dozen or so drops once poured

  • Rye Old Fashioned  -  2 oz Rye Whiskey, 1/2 oz honey syrup, 1-3 sleeves bitters on an ice cube

  • Mezcal Martini - 2 oz Agave Spirit, 1.25 oz Dry Vermouth, 1 sleeve of bitters

  • Iced Coffee  -  with almond milk, maple, and bitters

  • Bitter Cream Soda  -  4-6 oz soda (substitute kombucha if feeling reckless), 2 oz Mezcal Crema by Del Maguey, 2 sleeves of Flowers & Cacao Bitters

  • Floral Chocolate Cookies  -  Add the same amount of Flowers & Cacao Bitters as vanilla extract


  • With open direct maceration inside one of our used whiskey barrels

  • By Maverick Watson, Sarah Dreyfuss, and Rob Easter (bitters)

  • By Sara Roche (label illustration)

  • By Andrew Ling (label design)

  • At Sutherland Distillery in Livermore, CA

  • With ingredients from Bay Area companies such as Dandelion Chocolate, Lhasa Karnuk, Oak Town Spice Shop, and Magnolia Brewing Co


  • USA bars and shops please contact to bring on our bitters


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