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Passionflower Bitters


Passionflower Bitters

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A zippy and healthful herbal concoction with notes of fresh organic turmeric and ginger. Because of their bright citrus tendency, Passionflower Bitters are a great replacement for orange bitters in many classic cocktails. They’ve been used in vinaigrettes, low-proof drinks like cider or vermouth cocktails, Cafe Tonics, Dry Manhattans, and our favorite: Scotch & Honey Old Fashioned. Product photography by Daniel Dent

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Passionflower Bitters are for relaxation and refreshment. There are many species of passionflower or passiflora with various chemical constituents, and many produce the passionfruit you know and love. But, the chief aspect to note about this plant is it’s history in ancient medicine: for thousands of years this plant has been taken specifically to help with anxiety and restlessness. So, before there was industrially flavored passionFRUIT iced tea, there was passionFLOWER tea.


These bitters are an herbal and floral extract that brightens cocktails, as well as any other food and beverage item you can think of. They contain a slurry of relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and allegedly immune boosting herbs. Passionflower, Turmeric, Ginger, Valerian Root, Echinacea, Chamomile, Violet Leaf... These are all highly mind-focusing, and calming without any sort of drowsiness. We extract bitterness from Wormwood, brightness from Lemon and Lime peel, and savory creaminess from whole roasted Turmeric. This bottle of bitters is destined for high note cocktails of both stirred and shaken persuasions (cocktails that utilize citrus or other thick ingredients that need vigorous shaking and aeration do especially well), light baked goods with nuts or citrus, iced tea, vinaigrettes, and of course a simple glass of cold soda water.


Best uses: 

  • Dry Manhattan: 1.5 oz spirit (rye or tequila/mezcal sings the best), 1 oz dry vermouth, 3 sleeves Passionflower Bitters, stir and chill very well

  • Old Fashioned Cocktails made with rum and Scotch - the key for best final product here is to use spirits with a low amount (or none) of new oak

  • Champagne Cocktail: light dash of honey and bitters at the bottom of the glass, add 4 to 8 oz Pét-Nat or anything bubbly of quality

  • Iced tea, specifically green, white, and anything herbal

  • The acidity (apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon) and bitterness makes bad beer taste amazing, and great beer taste quite interesting. Just add a few sleeves.

  • Add to vinaigrettes or directly on top of balanced and bright salads

Below photo by Jessye Herrell

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