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Salted Cacao Bitters


Salted Cacao Bitters


Salted Cacao Bitters deliver baking spices and carefully sourced salinity alongside the star of the show: bright, rich, and savory cacao. Ethically direct-sourced and roasted by Dandelion Chocolate of San Francisco, they sing in anything from baked goods to espresso drinks to mezcal cocktails but most thoroughly enjoyable in many versions of the Old Fashioned, and cold soda water. Product photography by Daniel Dent

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Salted Cacao Bitters came from a desire to work with Dandelion Chocolate, plain and simple. Their work is inspiring and delicious. What came from that relationship has blown the minds of both us and Dandelion Chocolate. 

Single origin Camino Verde cacao with savory and fresh bitter dandelion root, marshmallow leaf and root, milk thistle, cardamom, cinnamon, whole tangerine, finished with Carignan wine from Broc Cellars and Takesumi Japanese salt by Bitterman Salt Co.


Dandelion Chocolate goes directly to the source and positively impacts the farmers with whom they work. This is an extremely rare practice within the tragically unethical world of cacao sourcing, so researching the source and practices is crucial for us and hopefully is for you too. To match this high level of care and taste we use our own distillates of organic cane and aged rye whiskey. We then macerate those spirits with the cacao and complimentary roots, herbs, and spices for months. We are looking for a foreground of fresh cacao and a round biscuity bitterness, a background tone of baking spices, as well as plenty of body from the red wine and added salinity. 


Above cocktail by Blaise Faber, bar manager of Tratto by Pizzeria Bianco, a cocktail with Salted Cacao Bitters made of rye, bacanora, and vermouth.

Best uses: 

  • Old Fashioned Cocktail with any whiskey

  • Bitters and cold soda water

  • Vermouth cocktails

  • Mezcal martini

  • Cacao Highball: 2 oz rye, 4 oz soda, 2 one-inch sleeves of Salted Cacao Bitters

  • Horchata

  • Cookies: add a tablespoon to your favorite cookie recipe

  • Flips: any drink with a whole egg. 2 oz high proof rye, 3/4 oz maple syrup, whole egg, 4 sleeves Salted Cacao Bitters.


Below photo by Jessye Herrell

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