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The Village Voice - New York Peated Bourbon by Workhorse Rye distiller

The Village Voice interviewed Kings County Distillery's Colin Spoelman about the whiskey Workhorse Rye's Rob Easter made for them while under their employ. KCD Peated Bourbon, made in 2012, bottled in 2014, is now available in the NYC area.

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VV: Peated Bourbon, what was the inspiration behind this? What do you suppose single-malt enthusiasts will make of it?

CS: The peated bourbon will be more familiar to bourbon drinkers than scotch drinkers. The peat is quite subtle, so I would describe it as a bourbon that tastes less sweet than most bourbons, with a little more of a bold, robust flavor. Rob Easter, of Workhorse Rye, was working in the distillery two summers ago, and I have to give credit to him for this invention. We had the peat lying around because we were making some single-malt scotch-style whiskey, and it was his idea to use it to make bourbon. I’ve never seen it done before, so I think we are likely the first distillery to have tried it. I wish we made more, but we are making more now that will be ready in two to three years.

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