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WHISKEY WRITES on our Finger Lime Cacao Cocktail Augmenters...

"Workhorse Rye’s Finger Lime & Cacao cocktail augmenters really set themselves apart and earn their eclectic title. The list of ingredients may not be long but each one really brings their own personality into the mix to create a truly unique piece of work. These would be fantastic in simple gin drinks to add additional zing and zest, they would really liven up a Manhattan if you had some unimpressive vermouth and only bottom shelf whiskey on hand, as well as some sour or smash based cocktails to bring in some added nuance."

WHISKEY WRITES on mixing a drink with our India Pear Bitters...

"Workhorse Rye recently sent me some of their India Pear Bitters and I thought their tart, earthy tones would match up well and reign in the sweetness of the whiskey and sugar in an Old Fashioned and they did quite an excellent job, though I used a bit more than I normally would, about half a sleeve.

India Pear Bitters & George Dickel Rye Old Fashioned

Douse the sugar cube with the water and bitters, muddling until at least all large crystals are dissolved. Add whiskey and an ice cube, stir to combine. I left this one sans garnish mostly because I didn’t have any pears on hand and it didn’t need any additional complexity."

Whiskey Writes is a fantastic and thorough blog revolving around the world of whisk(e)y, bitters, and cocktails. In other words, we love them. Here are some of the words written about our products, head over to see many more interesting words and photos.

WHISKEY WRITES on our India Pear Bitters...

"On top of the IPA, pears, and Buddah’s Hand, you can easily distinguish notes of celery seed, mace, turmeric [you get a lot of this], cardamom that doesn’t overpower you thank god, ginger, fenugreek, and a couple different kinds of citrus. This is very spice and herb forward and would do well with many oaky bourbon’s I feel. This isn’t your run of the mill bitters that focus on one or two flavours; they’ve managed to combine elements and spices from many different regions of the world and come up with a product that is at both times very Mediterranean and distinctively Asian in its flavour profile. Nothing is overwhelms you and even the ingredients that tend to hijack flavour profiles like cardamom and ginger find their place and play nice with their contemporaries."


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